Young Lions Matt Leines, Alex Lukas, William Buzzell, September 1–October 8, 2006

Young Lions

Matt Leines

Alex Lukas

William Buzzell

September 1–October 8, 2006


After an acclaimed and successful solo exhibition this summer at Roberts and Tilton, Matt Leines is coming to Stockholm. With his crisp, meticulous pen and ink and lush, multi-layered watercolor, Matt Leines initiates us into the geometry of the future.


Leines creates a secret society of humanoid creatures, anthropomorphized nature and mythological adornment to author his new pantheon. An avid pro-wrestling enthusiast, Leines reveals a depth of feeling in his at times confrontational drawings.


Using house paint & shoe dye on found wood & scrap metal, William Buzzell's work continues his exploration into the themes of patriotism, race, heritage, class and the shaping of identity in the modern world.


In his paintings and sculptures Alex Lukas examines his fears of what the future holds in a time of war, terror and uncertainty. As the imagery of disaster has become more and more prevalent in the media, the aesthetic of destruction has inspired Lukas work.

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