LOYAL Presents Whoop Dee Doo Malmö Festivalen, August 15–August 21, 2009

LOYAL Presents Whoop Dee Doo

Malmö Festivalen

August 15–August 21, 2009


Whoop Dee Doo is an all-ages, traveling variety show featuring performances and bold set design to create a fantastically original experience.  Styled as a faux television show to emulate the local charm that comes from a public access channel and structured like a high school talent show, Whoop Dee Doo engages local talent of all ages and cultural backgrounds from the community in which is temporarily resides.


Whoop Dee Doo strips away divisions between high and low art, blurring the lines between curating, art-making, performance and community, without sacrificing content. This creates a kind of weird but very fun experience of performances accompanied by active audience participation. Performers range from bolivian dancers, black metal bands, professional drill teams, opera singers, break-dancers, clogging folk dancers, drag queens, tap dancers, indian and african dance troupes, barbershop quartets, puppy clubs, dancing grannies,  hip hop dancers, plus tons of games, contests, skits and dancing!!!


Based in Kansas City, Missouri and inspired by programs such as Pee Wee's Playhouse, The Carol Burnett Show, Soul Train, and You Can't Do That on Television, Jaimie Warren created the project in 2006 with Matt Roche her fellow director and host.


Since then Whoop Dee Doo has brought their production to museums and galleries including the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska, Deitch Projects in New York, NY and The Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago. This is Whoop Dee Doo's first show outside the USA.



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