Welcome Home: Curated with Justin Samson
Brian Belott

Mat Brinkman

Larry Carlson

Ali Dennig

Christopher Forgues

Miles Huston

Xander Marro

Ryan Riehle

Justin Samson

Keith Waters
March 24–April 29, 2006



Last month, on the night of February 3rd, we had so much fun at Galleri Loyal when LUCKY DRAGONS, DREAMHOUSE, KITES, MAT BRINKMAN and XANDER MARRO all made the journey to Sweden to join us for a special evening of music, film, and art. At the time we had Eddie Martinezʼs acclaimed exhibition up, so we had to wait until NOW to do a full show with their art.

So now itʼs time! On March 24th Galleri Loyal tranforms itself into WELCOME HOME, a group exhibition which brings together the dynamic work of artists who chop up our culture and sew it all back together. Like ”ROBERT”, JUSTIN SAMSONʼ s amazing life-size sasquatch-like creature, you also see it in the collages of JUSTIN, BRIAN BELOTT AND LARRY CARLSON, the poster art, drawings and comics of MAT BRINK-MAN, XANDER MARRO, RYAN RIEHLE, MILES HUSTON, AND CHRISTOPHER FORGUES. The skill and simplicity of their work crackles with imagery that makes you feel as though youʼve gotten a glimpse into the future using a 1980ʼs time travel device.

On opening night we will screen ”The Black Sabbath Movie” assembled by CHRISTY KARACAS in which 40 artists made one minute videos for each of the minutes of Black Sabbathʼs legendary album ”Paranoid” featuring artists DEARRAINDROP, PAPER RAD, MELISSA BROWN, NOAH LYONS and more. We put the projector on at 8pm so be there at 6pm to see the art while the lights are still on... This video has only been shown a few times! NOT TO BE MISSED!