Wes Lang / Donald Baechler Skulls And Shit, May 5–June 11, 2006

Wes Lang / Donald Baechler

Skulls And Shit

May 5–June 11, 2006


This is the first time the artists Wes Lang and Donald Baechler are exhibiting together. This is a must see - a generation clash of the titans.


Wes Lang's lusciously detailed pencil drawings of skulls are partially autobiographical. There is a playfulness in the imagery and the skeletons seem to be enjoying themselves, enjoying the life they had. "The drawings are mostly about accepting the inevitable and making the most out of the short time we have on this wonderful planet." say Mr. Lang. "This group of drawings are made in remembrance of my dear friend Dominique Pandolfo."


When asked why he wanted to do this show with Baechler, Lang posits, "He will prove to have a lasting influence on younger artists and he still has his hand on the pulse of what they are doing."


Donald Baechler's series of skull paintings and collages focuses on one of the most popular images, depicted in tattoos, warning signs, and poison bottles. The painted skulls float on playful collage backgrounds, combining innocence and wickedness. "I have an attraction to melancholia and also to a kind of ridiculousness and absurdity. I like to mix the comic and the serious into one sort of big soup."

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