Livs Curated by Kristallen, July 13–July 18, 2013


Curated by Kristallen

July 13–July 18, 2013


Karl Alm

Coco & Paisley

John Daily

Thea Davidsson

Coco Emzén

Sebastian Franzén

Sara Gilliard

Helena Fa Juréen

Maciej Kalymon

Peter Karlsson

Erik Lagerwall

Jonas Liveröd


Kristian Nihlén

Mariella Ottosson

Erik Persson

Maja Qvarnström

Danilo Stankovic

Richard Szedelyi


LIVS is an exhibition arranged by Kristallen of artists living and working in Malmö, Sweden.


Mission: To build a "Livs" inside Loyal on Hullkajen.


Livs = Bodega = Cornershop = Convenient store


Hullkajen is a place in the harbor of Malmö where Loyal is located. It is a place that inspires curiousity and is becoming more populated after a long period of quiet.


It doesn't have a convenient store yet. So Kristallen and Loyal are opening one on Saturday July 13.


LIVS will be part installation, part exhibition, and part shop.

LIVS opens Saturday July 13 from 17:00 - 22:00


On the pier outside Loyal Performing live:

Distortion Girls (Copenhagen)

Boy On Boy (Copenhagen)

Klåback (Malmö)

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