Kristian Bengtsson My New Metallic Look, November 26–December 20, 2014

Kristian Bengtsson

My New Metallic Look

November 26–December 20, 2014




108 PAGES, ED. OF 200


Warm reunion


We met up and it was fun again. We talked about all the nice things we’d made together and photos that got lost along the way. Kristian showed us new ones and we looked through boxes of old slides and there was no stopping. We couldn’t help but sit down and make something together again.


Kristian wanted to call the book "108 Pages of Wet Gunpowder, Mislabeled in the Blood Bank”. But Fredrik Wenzel reminded us to not laugh it away this time, like so many times before. "Let the photos speak for themselves”. We made a book. Kristian Bengtsson’s first photo book. We proudly present "Vol 1. No Bands Attached”.


Book release and opening reception on Wednesday November 26 from 7–9 PM at Loyal.




Kristian Bengtsson (b. 1977) is a founding member of Loyal and a photographer living and working in Stockholm.

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