John Hodany Works On Paper, April 27–May 19, 2007

John Hodany

Works On Paper

April 27–May 19, 2007


LOYAL presents the solo exhibition Works On Paper by John Hodany.


For his first Scandinavian solo exhibition John Hodany shows a series of 5 works on paper. These large-scale paintings on inlaid paper connect visually to each other.


In his own words John Hodany is interested in "the combination of drawing, painting and sculpture into one complex form". In this body of work each piece of the paper is meticulously woven into the other, creating a surface which is almost sculptural. It becomes quite tactile with an almost topographical texture.


Using a self-invented process, Hodany cuts into the painted surface, carefully removing pieces of the painting and moving them to another area. This creates a ghost-like impression in which the trace of the image that has been cut and replaced seems to imprint on the background. Time and space reiterate over one another.


This exhibition continues Hodany's exploration of man's relationship to his surroundings and the collision of technology and nature which drive these mathematical works.


John Hodany was born 1974 in New York. He lives and works in New York and Berlin. His work has recently been acquired by The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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