Fax-vision is blurry but straight to the point. For the group exhibition FAXINATION, LOYAL has received the drawings, collages and other artworks via one of the by-products of the corporate age, the FAX machine.

Like taking an X-ray of an image and stripping it down to its basic code, the FAX transmits the image in its rawest form, instantly and over any distance, anywhere with a phone line. Ephemeral and imprecise, these faxes retain the essence of an artist’s mark-making. The main value lies not in the fax as ”art object”, but in the effect of examining the results of this method of distinct visual communication.

FAXINATION is a show that constantly expands. The fax machine itself will be part of the exhibition, and the transmissions will be hung directly on the wall creating a WALL OF FAX. There’s a ghost in the wire receiving these international messages with an urgency and immediateness during the opening and throughout the show’s duration.

FAX number is  +46 (0)8 32 44 91