Faxination: Curated by Bill Saylor
Rico Anderson
Fia Backström
Aidas Bareikis
Joe Bradley
Yosuke Bandai
Greg Bogin
Sarah Braman
Jeff Elrod
Nicole Eisenman
Phil Grauer
Claire Keller
Eunice Kim
Tony Matelli
Bjarne Melgaard
Soshiro Matsubara
Elena Pankova
Erik Parker
Les Rogers
Bill Saylor
Anke Weyer
Tyler Waxman
August 28–October 5, 2008



Fax-vision is blurry but straight to the point. For the group exhibition FAXINATION, LOYAL has received the drawings, collages and other artworks via one of the by-products of the corporate age, the FAX machine.

Like taking an X-ray of an image and stripping it down to its basic code, the FAX transmits the image in its rawest form, instantly and over any distance, anywhere with a phone line. Ephemeral and imprecise, these faxes retain the essence of an artist’s mark-making. The main value lies not in the fax as ”art object”, but in the effect of examining the results of this method of distinct visual communication.

FAXINATION is a show that constantly expands. The fax machine itself will be part of the exhibition, and the transmissions will be hung directly on the wall creating a WALL OF FAX. There’s a ghost in the wire receiving these international messages with an urgency and immediateness during the opening and throughout the show’s duration.

FAX number is  +46 (0)8 32 44 91