Current and Upcoming


Mark Gibson
April 19–May 19, 2018



The Concrete States of Animation
Justin Adian, Gina Beavers, Tarik Garrett, Chris Johanson
March 16–April 15, 2018


NADA New York
Alicia Gibson, Daniel Heidkamp, Alake Shilling
March 8–11, 2018


Friend from Foe
Alicia Gibson
November 18–December 20, 2017


NADA Miami
Alfred Boman, Cheyenne Julien, Daniel Heidkamp, Henry Gunderson, Jim Thorell, Jesse Greenberg, Mark Thomas Gibson
December 7–10, 2017


Svensk konst 1-4
Linda Pedersen, Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole, Gustav Holm, Anders Johansson
October 20–November 15, 2017


Neuro Tribes
Zoe Barcza, Robin Fry, Olga Pedan
September 14–October 11, 2017

Extinction Renaissance
James Ferraro
July 20–August 26, 2017


Here's Looking at You
Mario Ayala, Cheyenne Julien, Linda Pedersen, Francine Spiegel, geetha thurairajah
June 9–July 15, 2017


Constance Tenvik: Gesamtkunst with Myself
April 27–June 3, 2017


Henry Gunderson: Emancipation Affirmations
March 18–April 22, 2017


Water McBeer: Stockholm Art Now
Zoe Barcza, Alfred Boman, Linda Pedersen, Jim Thorell
March 18–April 22, 2017


Louise Enhörning: Toys 'R' Us
December 8, 2016–January 6, 2017


Brian Belott, Ara Peterson, Constance Tenvik, Steina and Woody Vasulkas
November 12–December 3, 2016


Curated by Daniel Iinatti
September 1–October 8, 2016


Zoe Barcza: Texas Liquid Smoke
May 26–July 2, 2016


Daniel Heidkamp: Pump The Peninsula
April 21–May 21, 2016


Jesse Stecklow: Two Clocks
March 10–April 7, 2016


Brad Troemel: 7 Great Ideas For Your Home
February 13–March 5, 2016


Curated by Anna Frost and Annika Kuhlmann
December 1–December 27, 2015


Brian Kokoska: Hush Hook
November 28, 2015–January 9, 2016


Anderson's Hidden Game
Melissa Brown, Ariel Dill, Henry Gunderson
October 16–November 14, 2015


Jim Thorell: The Sweet Heart
September 18–October 10, 2015


Sascha Braunig, Nick De Marco, Olof Inger, Brian Kokoska, Spencer Longo, Sandra Mujinga, Takeshi Murata, Keith J Varadi
June 4–July 11, 2015


NADA New York
Brian Belott, Jesse Greenberg, Brian Kokoska
May 14–17, 2015


Zoe Barcza, Magni Borgehed, Brian DeGraw, Samara Golden, Matt Nichols, Viktor Rosdahl, Peter Sutherland
April 25–May 30, 2015


Gabriele Beveridge, Jesse Greenberg, Henry Gunderson, Daniel Heidkamp, JPW3, Jenny Kalliokulju, Sofia Leiby, Jim Thorell
March 23–April 22, 2015


Kristian Bengtsson: My New Metallic Look
November 26–December 20, 2014


Vanity; PET: Curated by Jamie Krasner
Lauren Avery, Joseph Geagan, Steve Hanft, Deanna Havas, Jamie Krasner, Jessie Stead, Hannah Tarr, Britta Thie, Lilias Tournoux, Amalia Ulman
October 23–November 21, 2014


Surface Protection Plus
Brian Belott, Samara Scott, Brad Troemel, Sandra Vaka Olsen
September 4–October 10, 2014


After Space
James Busby, Chris Duncan, Alex Ebstein, Jack Siegel
June 18–July 18, 2014


Border Food: Curated by Jesse Greenberg
Alisa Baremboym, Alex Da Corte, Tiril Hasselknippe, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Elizabeth Jaeger, Ajay Kurian, Lionel Maunz, Benjamin Phelan, Theodore Sefcik
April 12–May 16, 2014


NADA New York
Katherine Bernhardt, Jesse Greenberg
May 9–11, 2014


Jesse Greenberg: Metro International
April 12–May 16, 2014


Danilo Stankovic: Kreatör Deströyer
November 23–December 20, 2013


Till Gerhard: Fading Songs From The Wood
October 19–November 15, 2013


The Reveal
Sascha Braunig, Raul De Nieves, Francine Spiegel
September 7–October 11, 2013


Livs: Curated by Kristallen
July 13–July 18, 2013


Brinkman / Golden
Mat Brinkman, Samara Golden
June 8–July 5, 2013


Time Moving And Storage
James Ferraro, Ben Jones, Takeshi Murata
April 27–May 31, 2013


Adam Green: Medieval Businessmen
March 23–April 13, 2013


The Room
Antoine Catala, Jamie Krasner, Andreas Nilsson, Anna Norlander, Cecilia Ömalm-Krajcikova
November 16–December 14, 2012


Jackie Gendel: Beneath Low Lying Clouds
August 25–October 5, 2012


Ara Peterson: Neon Gray
May 26–July 6, 2012


Katherine Bernhardt: Nomad
April 13–May 18, 2012


Windshield Unexpected Wipers
Brian Belott, Jesse Greenberg
November 26–December 22, 2011


Misaki Kawai: Wet Shiny Surprise
September 10–October 21, 2011


Taylor McKimens: Bubblegum Cowboy
June 17–July 30, 2011


Totholz: Curated by Till Gerhard
April 1–May 28, 2011


Francine Spiegel: The Visit
October 29–December 11, 2010


Ben Jones: Concept Unification
September 24–October 24, 2010


Mutant Pop
Curated with Joe Grillo, Laura Grant and Brandon Joyce
August 20–September 20, 2010


Joe Grillo: Extrabreit
August 20–September 20, 2010


Whoop Dee Doo
August 15–August 21, 2009


Sneak Peek
June 17–August 15, 2009


Suzannah Sinclair: Eyes For No One
October 10–November 28, 2008


Faxination: Curated by Bill Saylor
August 28–October 5, 2008


Eddie Martinez: New Paintings
May 30–July 6, 2008


Jamison Brosseau: Untitled
May 30–July 6, 2008


The Ice Cream Show
Brian Belott, Katherine Bernhardt, Brendan Cass, Guillermo Carrion, Jose Lerma, Cordy Ryman, Bill Saylor, Mark Schubert, Francine Spiegel
April 11–May 25, 2008


Mat Brinkman: RV and Trailer Drawings
March 7–April 6, 2008


Taylor McKimens: Sweet Dreams Of Phoenix
January 25–March 2, 2008


Till Gerhard: Mansion On The Hill
December 7, 2007–January 20, 2008


Misaki Kawai: Fuzzy Love
November 9–December 2, 2007


Brian Montuori: Training Day
October 5–November 3, 2007


Liz Markus: What We Are We're Going To Wail With On This Whole Trip
August 30–September 29, 2007


Bill Saylor: No Confusion, Big Mistakes
August 30–September 29, 2007


I've Been Setting Fires All Day
Suzannah Sinclair, Brett Wilson, Michelle Cortez
May 25–July 8, 2007


John Hodany: Works On Paper
April 27–May 19, 2007


Katherine Bernhardt: Kiss Me Kate
March 9–April 22, 2007


Five Painters
Jules de Balincourt, Brendan Cass, Misaki Kawai, Wes Lang, Eddie Martinez
January 19–March 3, 2007

The Belief Signal
Anna Norlander, Joseph Hart
December 1, 2006–January 13, 2007


Dearraindrop: Concrete Trees, Glass Grass and Cream-Filled Stones
October 20–November 25, 2006


Young Lions
Matt Leines, Alex Lukas, William Buzzell
September 1–October 8, 2006


Stefan Danielsson: I Hide In Snakes
June 16–July 9, 2006


Skulls And Shit
Wes Lang, Donald Baechler
May 5–June 11, 2006


Welcome Home: Curated with Justin Samson
Mat Brinkman, Xander Marro, Justin Samson, Miles Huston, Christopher Forgues, Brian Belott, Larry Carlson, Ryan Riehle, Keith Waters, Ali Dennig
March 24–April 29, 2006


Nordic Art Fair Fest; Curated by Justin Samson
Mat Brinkman, Xander Marro, Dreamhouse, Kites, Lucky Dragons
Feb 3, 2006


Eddie Martinez: A Mini Carrot Experience
January 27–March 4, 2006


Everyone Sees The Sun: Curated by Rich Jacobs
December 2, 2005–Jan 14, 2006

Tiger Drip
Misaki Kawai, Taylor McKimens
September 23–November 6, 2005


LOYAL And His Band
Karin 'Mamma' Andersson, Jockum Nordström, Misaki Kawai, Anna Norlander, Eddie Martinez, Taylor McKimens, Wes Lang, Matt Leines, Joseph Hart, Brett Wilson
September 9–September 18, 2005


Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Brian Belott, Brian DeGraw, French, Joseph Hart, Wes Lang, Matt Leines, Anna Norlander, Brett Wilson
May 27–July 10, 2005


Eddie Martinez: Cool Beans Brothers
April 8–May 22, 2005


Wes Lang: American Beauty
April 8–May 22, 2005


Adam Green: Animal Dreams
March 7–April 3, 2005


Chris Lindig: We Are Psychology
February 2–March 5, 2005