Everyone Sees The Sun: Curated by Rich Jacobs

Thomas Campbell

Erika Borboa

Rick Froberg

Leo Fitzpatrick

Josh Wildman

Ed Templeton

Deanna Templeton

Oliver Halsman Rosenberg

Kevin Christy

Chris Lindig

Chris McNally

Alex Kopps

Pat Graham

Melanie Standage

Rich Jacobs

Jo Jackson

December 2, 2005–Jan 14, 2006



Come join us tomorrow, Friday December 2nd from 6 to 9 pm, for the opening reception of this Cali-centric group show at Galleri Loyal. For "Everyone Sees The Sun" we team up with curator Rich Jacobs to bring some sunshine to the dark of December Sweden. Introducing Oliver Halsman Rosenberg's paintings from Hawaii, Leo Fitzpatrick's photos of L.A. scenes, artist and surfer Thomas Campbell's collages, artist and skater Ed Templeton's photographs, painting by Jo Jackson and much much more!

Hope to see you here!