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Danilo Stankovic Kreatör Deströyer, November 23–December 20, 2013

Danilo Stankovic

Kreatör Deströyer

November 23–December 20, 2013


LOYAL is pleased to present Danilo Stankovic's first solo exhibition with the gallery.


Danilo Stankovic (b. 1981, Kalmar, Sweden) lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. Danilo Stankovic holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy 2012 and a BFA 2010. Recent exhibitions include Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm (solo 2013), Mora Kulturhus (solo 2013), Galleri Arnstedt (2013), Martin Bryder Gallery (2013), Galleri Thomas Wallner (2013), Stene Projects (solo 2011), Galleri Ping-Pong (solo 2010).

Stankovic was the winner of the Akademiska Hus Stipendium of Linköping, Sweden in 2011 for his sculpture Häxan. In 2012 Stankovic was awarded Ellen Trotzigs Fond from Malmö Art Museum.


It was in my twenties that I realized I was homesick. The problem was that I did not know how I would get there. Basically a sadness was haunting me, not very different from the loss that the poet Bruno K Öijer tries to exorcise in poem after poem. We are born with an immense absence, words out of his collection of poems The Fog of Everything. Yes, exactly, an absence, it had always been there, dormant, but there, a few years after high school, the feeling intensified.


Basically, there was a longing to get away from the everyday, the sober, the enlightened and instead submerge onself in the night's unsafe sensibility. Yes, it was a statement against a contemporary, universal disenchantment. Imagination became the true reality, an inner landscape shrouded in mystery, where reason and conscious-thought lay wait in dark, pathless forests.


But to miss home, in this way, was not only a romantic infatuation. It became a quest for the great unknown. And home, in this deeper sense, was not a place, but a state, something that could not be linked to my upbringing, my childhood, my parents, my friends, my city, or my neighborhood. What I longed for was something that I had never met before, which I had not seen, but that I always, in a mysterious way, had known. A memory, that lay beyond my own life.


When I stand before Danilo Stankovic's images I feel suddenly less alone. We have never met each other, haven't spoken, I do not know about his upbringing, his thoughts or ideas. But I know that we are looking for the same thing. It is the feeling of walking in deep snow through a timeless forest, a strange yellow light falls in between the sparse treetops, it's all quiet and dusk is not far away. Yes, this landscape is also within me. A soft, restful melancholy, interspersed with something menacing, an archaic grandeur where nature is animated, it is a place before the time when pagan rites invoked the darkness of mankind. In procession, shadow figures walk through Stankovic's painting. Once they all had a face, once they were living people who walked up to the crest of the ridge while a cold, spring sun fell over the edge of the woods. Now, they only remain as ghosts fluttering deep in our most difficult perceptions.


I am looking for something that no longer exist in this world. In this way, homelessness is a constant state. But in brief moments the lost can become visible still. When this does happen, it is almost always art that gets the door to open itself up. Danilo Stankovic's works are, in their way, small portals that border on another world. Suddenly something stands slightly ajar and out falls a terrifying beauty, the wilderness, an unexplained darkness.


Eric Schüldt


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