Brian Montuori Training Day, October 5–November 3, 2007

Brian Montuori

Training Day

October 5–November 3, 2007


LOYAL presents the gallery’s first solo exhibition of New York artist Brian Montuori. This is a double barrel filled exhibition; Torsgatan 53 & 59!


For this exhibition Montuori continues his depiction of animals in hyperbolically perilous scenarios. This current group of large-format paintings hinges around a central theme in which the artist envisages a circus train wreck’s disastrous impact. In full detail, Montuori renders the train breaking suddenly and violently apart, spilling the en-caged circus animal performers into their sudden, mortal freedom. The human element who has provided the vehicle for such an accident to occur, is nowhere to accept responsibility.


Montuori uses the tranquility and beauty of classical landscape painting as a perfect stage to present the tragic scene of disorder and chaos. Painted with a deft variation of styles which he conducts seamlessly, Montuori breaks from tradition, finding new techniques to portray the active motion. Montuori describes the exquisite agony of this explosion of fire and carnage while also maintaining an intangible humor which penetrates the despair.


Born in 1977, Brian Montuori lives and works in New York. Montuori has completed a solo exhibition at Christian Ehrentraut in Berlin, Germany where he presented a wall sized painting of his representation of Noah’s Ark gone asunder. This piece was recently acquired by Sammlung Essl in Vienna, Austria.

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